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We auto-switch between dozens of Scrypt coins and we are the best place to convert your hashing power into Bitcoins.

Connect your miner to our pool using Bitcoin address as username and any password to start mining with great profits.

Excellent profitability

Detailed stats and charts which you will love

Auto-switch to the most profitable Scrypt coin

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Daily payouts, 2% fee

Highly optimized, ASIC-friendly stratum software with VARDIFF support

stratum+tcp://us.clevermining.com:3333 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything

Excellent Profitability

We will squeeze the biggest profits from your mining rigs. Just take a look at our past performance and stop leaving money on the table.

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Last 24 Hours Averages
LTC profitability
BTC/day per MH/s
Last 30 Days Averages
LTC profitability
BTC/day per MH/s
Best Day Recently: May 28, 2015: 0.000226 BTC per MH/s

Detailed Stats and Charts

You always know what's going on and what to expect. We publish daily and hourly stats.

You can see overall pool stats and per-user personal stats.

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Daily Profitability in BTC per 1 MH/s per day

Always mine the most profitable coin

We developed our own proprietary software which considers more than a dozen parameters of each coin and compares them in real-time. We switch between dozens of coins without downtime or disconnecting miners.

Automated payments in Bitcoins

You don't need to have wallets for multiple altcoins. We automatically exchange all mined coins into Bitcoins and pay out entirely in Bitcoins for your convenience. Payouts are daily.

stratum+tcp://us.clevermining.com:3333 -u YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS -p anything